Why use Underpin?

Clinical Psychologists are experts in understanding human behaviour and researching this. All films, apps, games etc. ultimately want to impact on the emotions and behaviours of their audience. It therefore makes perfect sense, and we would argue it's essential, to engage us to help you ensure your project is doing what you intend it to do. 

At Underpin, we can also help you prove the added benefit of your product - let us do the scientific research and jointly publish your findings with you. This allows your product to be recognised within your field, and to share your learning with the scientific community. 




How do you decide your fees?

We are open to negotiating fees on hourly, daily or on a per-project basis. This will depend on what you require from us.

We are happy to discuss various rates depending on the stage and funding of your project.

We know that new ideas often start with little financial backing, so speak to us even if this is the case. When we're excited by an idea, we can also help to source funding . If the project has the potential to make a major contribution to people's physical or psychological health, we can support you to secure scientific or medical funding.