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What is Underpin?

Underpin is a Psychology Consulting company. We’re about Clinical Psychologists using their training and knowledge to enhance psychological wellbeing through creative projects. Clinical Psychologists are experts in understanding human behaviours and emotions; so if you're aiming to have an impact on people's lives then we'd suggest discussing your project with us is vital.  

We advise on the psychological underpinning of projects. This allows your project to be enhanced by the theory and creative input of a curious psychological mind. Underpin can also inspire and recommend methods to demonstrate the added benefit of a particular project: how you know it’s doing what you want it to do and how you prove this to others. If you have a creative idea that you think could make the world a better place, then let us help you understand why it would do that and how we can demonstrate this scientifically.

Underpin aims to bridge the gap between science and media. If you're using film, virtual reality, apps (whatever really) and you think it's enhancing people's lives, or reducing people's distress, let us strengthen your project by underpinning it with the relevant psychological knowledge and theories.